About me

Hi! My name is Koichiro. I create digital contents such as articles and Podcast.

My passion is to find and connect with interesting people living in the same age. I want to expose myself to new experiences to become more interesting person through my entire life because we only live once. We have limited span of lifetime. I guess I have already consumed a half of it so far. Now I truly maximize the rest of my life to the full extent.

Who and how I can help:

If you are struggling to declutter and laser-focus on what you really want to do, you’ve come to the right place. I will walk you through step by step. I believe I can do that because I have been there too. Now I find myself feel more fulfilled and focused in my daily life with LESS stuff, after getting rid of a lot of unnecessary things. Guess what. I’m trying to set up my own business related decluttering. This journey will be included in this website, too.


About Ano Ba ‘Yan!!


Why did I tittle this, Ano Ba Yan!! :

You may ask me about the title of this website. I’d like to answer this question in a simple way. Here is the reason and meaning of it. This is a Tagalog expression to say “WHAT IS THAT?”  I guessed it sounded quite catchy to Filipino. I chose this as the title, because I expect to meet and connect with a lot of PINOY friends.

Mostly I learned how to speak English from online Filipino tutors. They are really nice to me and passionate. Taking lessons with each of my tutors has made my life more joyful, colorful and meaningful. I’m still learning and practicing when it comes to speaking English. Eventually, now I have my family in Laguna. I wanted to understand more about their culture. I even started learning Tagalog.

Since 2018, I have created my first blog about Filipino culture, food, language, et cetera whereas I have been there multiple times. I put out a lot of informative contents based on my experiences.  However, those contents are all written in  my mother tongue, Japanese. If you are interested in them,  I  suggest that you read my past blog using any sorts of translation apps like Google Translate.

I decide to renew my website and integrate my podcast into it, too. That is the reason why I re-created this website. Therefore I could say this is the second jump-off of my contents creating journey! This time, I will publish them in English. In general, I interview interesting people, I share lessons I learned through my life, and to be more specific, I’m going to be focused on skills of decluttering and mindset that helps you out. You can choose to either listen in to my podcast ,or read my articles!

You can listen in to my Podcast Ano Ba ‘Yan!! on a variety of platforms such as soundcloud, spotify and so forth. Let’s dive into the topic!

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