Three Tips to Stop Procrastinating on Cleaning up Your Room

Cleaning your room, kitchen, or toilet is a chore that every one think they should do, but eventually it turns out to be a troublesome task. You don’t feel like doing it after your tiring work, then you will wake up next morning in a cluttered room.  At the end of the day, you see a lot of plates unwashed in the sink, as well as so many stuffs cluttered on the floor. I believe no body likes to be in this kind of situation. Here on this article, I would like to introduce three useful tips that you can practice.

Willpower is not required

Contrary to what people might think of, willpower is not required for you to stop procrastinating. Why do I say so? Here is my example. After getting out of my mattress, I usually put it away onto the top of the rack,  then I pick up the Magiclean Wiper or a rug to swipe the floor right away. Every time I wash my face in the morning, I wipe off the washbowl on the spot with the towel I used to wipe my face. That way, my room and washbowl is kept immaculate all the time. I don’t need any will power to do so.  How does this happen?

The less you have, the easier you wipe off

Tip number one, which is the most important and critical, is that you should reduce the stuff you have in your room. Especially on the floor. Here is why.

If you have one piece of stuff on a horizontal surface, like a floor or shelves, you first move it away in order to wipe the surface. Then you can wipe the place, and you put it back to the position that was placed. Now we had three steps to just wipe. You might say, is it a big deal?  Yes, indeed.

Imagine, what if you have three items, four items, or even ten items on the surface. You need to undergo the same procedure so many times. Make sure you avoid putting things on horizontal surfaces as much as you can.

I don’t have anything around the washbowl in order to make it easier to wipe it out after washing my face. I really like it when I see my spotless washbowl every morning. I don’t place anything in the washroom. That way, it is not troublesome anymore to wipe out the floor each time. I even find it enjoyable.

Have a sense of gratitude for your room decluttered

This brings you to the next point, which is to appreciate that you have your room cleaned up. What do I mean by this?

It feels really good when I come back to my apartment and find it decluttered. I realized that this is one thing that I can appreciate everyday if I clean up my room, kitchen, and washroom. I feel sense of gratitude for having my own room decluttered, even if it was none other than me who did that before leaving home. Once you feel this sense of gratitude when getting back home, you would love to feel it again and again and again.  It will definitely  motivate you to keep cleaning up your room before leaving home.

Make the cleaning your daily activity

Eventually, it will become your daily routine to clean up your room. It makes it easier for you to do it, if you do it every day. For example, if you wipe the floor only once a week, the amount of dust will get disgusting, and it will stick to the floor. The drops of water  around the kitchen will grow to viscous black grime that we won’t want to touch. Needless to say, your chore becomes more unpleasant. To prevent this sticky situation, one thing you can do is to do it every day, make it your habit.

Those are my tips. Let’s have a recap here. To stop procrastinating on cleaning up your room, what I recommend is as follows.

  1. Have less things on a horizontal space in your room, like on the floor.
  2. Have sense of gratitude for your room decluttered.
  3. Make the cleaning your daily habit.

I hope this will make a difference to your everyday life. If you find it useful and helpful, please do share it with your friends. If you have any questions or comments about my article, feel free to reach out to me by sending a message. This will encourage me to create more useful contents. Check out my podcast as well. See you next time.